In the days of old, top funk scientists engineered a robot to contain the highest amount of funk per cubic inch in the whole world. The robot gained sentience, and a strong desire to spread funk to every corner of the globe. Soon it created its own funk experiments. These different varieties of funkbots jammed together, lived together, laughed together. They formed a band, focused on making an eccentric brand of rock-able funk entrenched in the highest groove. Powerful guitar riffs and hypnotic strumming sit on top of dynamic and expansive keyboard harmony. Syncopated cymbals backing the beat of the snare dance with furious bass plucks. Horn stabs cascade over the thick rhythm section like jelly on toast. On top of it all, the Siren’s call beckons the crowd closer, seducing the audience into a groove hysteria. The hum of the hypnotic waves resonated with the cosmic essence of everyone in the room and thus, Soul Vibrator was born.

Soul Vibrator has been a mainstay of the Eugene, Oregon funk scene for half a decade. Formed fresh out of high school, the founding members began by jamming at local open mics to form songs and hone their skills. After spending a couple years writing and playing shows, Soul Vibrator entered the local “Eugene Weekly’s Next Big Thing” contest and won, earning time at a local studio. Between 2014-15 they recorded and released their debut album Electric Stardust. Realizing that their next record needed to be more polished and streamlined Soul Vibrator began writing and furiously playing shows at local venues and events. Over the course of the next few years they would share the stage with Turkuaz, Monophonics, Moon Hooch, Polyrhythmics, Dirtwire (feat. members of Beats Antique), Ripe, and The Dip. In 2017 Soul Vibrator realized one of their goals by playing Main Stage at the fabled Oregon Country Fair.

Soul Vibrator expanded upon their previous funk roots by incorporating soul, R&B and hip-hop into their lexicon, as well some aspects of more progressive music. After numerous ensemble changes they finally settled on Zeviel Kamrat (lead guitar/vocals), Samira Lobby (lead vocals/dance moves), Miles Albert (bass), Max Pinder (keys/vocals), and Sam Fox Hayward (drums) with various horn players filtering through their ranks. With a constantly evolving live show, their energy continues to draw crowds as they prepare for the upcoming self-titled release. The future is bright with tours and fresh music on the horizon.